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If you could magically merge all your systems into one powerful platform, would you? Now you can with HD™ 2.0 | FUSION® System Integration Software!

Now, through our system integration software, you can seamlessly unite all your systems into one financial ecosystem platform. This unifies all critical business processes and accelerates as well as accelerating key operational functions, so your organization can enjoy real-time reporting data visibility.

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“We loaded the 10 Millionth account into IMPACT. An average of

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What is a Financial Ecosystem?

Billions of dollars are lost annually due to the technical mismanagement of financial transactions where aging receivables quickly turn into bad debt & ultimately to a loss. A “Financial Ecosystem” resolves this problem, as it is a battery of proprietary fintech systems & solutions that consolidate into a single Financial Platform across your enterprise. This is not only possible, but simple and effective through HD 2.0 | Fusion.

Extend your Data

Extend data warehousing capabilities and unify all of your information for reporting into one single ecosystem.

Extend your Reports

Extend your reports to reach data from all systems. Adopt our glass-panel dashboards to elegantly provide you with valuable high level information from your enterprise.

Extend your Rules

Extend business rules engine across your enterprise. Gain visibility to all data sets and drive your business processes as one single platform.

Extend your Communications

Extend your interfaces to reach data across your entire data enterprise. Communicate in real-time and decommission those old, inefficient batch file uploads & downloads.

HD™ 2.0 | FUSION® functionality

HD™ 2.0 | FUSION® provides total system integrations among your enterprise for all operations, such as:

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The HD™ 2.0 | FUSION® solution provides a suite of big data integration and unification tools that swiftly binds multiple systems into one unified financial ecosystem, delivering unmatched value for real-time data analytics, business rule workflows and data interfaces.


  • Eliminates Latency in Business Data Delivery
  • Unifies Data from all Sources
  • Creates an Enterprise Single System of Records

Data Warehouse

The HD™ 2.0 | FUSION® solution provides a plethora of data warehousing integration tools to provide complete & real-time visibility and transparency into your business data.


  • Real-time Data Bridging
  • Multi-system Data Integrators
  • Business Rule Workflows Extenders


The HD™ 2.0 | FUSION® solution provides the most comprehensive suite of report management tools available to deliver unparalleled data visibility for business reports, dashboards and analytics.


  • Real-time Reports
  • Multi-system Dashboards
  • Enterprise Data Analytics

HD™ 2.0 | FUSION® helps organizations to
unify all financial data into one system of records.

HD™ 2.0 | FUSION® helps you work more efficiently under one financial ecosystem.

Business Types

All Verticals

HD™ 2.0 | FUSION® delivers real-time data content with complete financial transparency to seamlessly unify your data portfolios into one streamlined system of records. HD 2.0’s data unification technology allows for critical business decisions to be made systematically and accurately. HD™ 2.0 | FUSION® provides entire suite of tools to manage any industry portfolio type including:


  • Automotive
  • Banking
  • Collections
  • Commercial
  • Communications
  • Education
  • Legal
  • Retail
  • Utilities

User Types


Agents & Administrators

HD™ 2.0 | Fusion® helps staff, users and administrators at all levels manage accounts effectively and efficiently by having access to all pertinent information from all systems in real-time within a single operational universe.

  • The system's highly intuitive, customizable user interface allows for quick and easy access to all functions of the system with an "app like" agent work card, HD icon based menus and access to all tools on a single page.
  • HD™ 2.0 | Fusion® provides two-way push-pull data exchange for effortless operations.
  • HD™ 2.0 | Fusion® permits integration with an unlimited amount of third-party, external and/or internal systems.

Technology Staff

Technology Staff

Whether you’re the organization's Chief Information Officer, IT Director, or IT Manager, supporting a system that is manageable, adaptable, and secure is your number one priority. HD™ 2.0 | Fusion® offers key technology features to assist such as:

  • Open Web Services Library – Allows IT staff to compress implementation time and support current and new third-party partners without relying on the vendor.
  • Ad Hoc Reporting Toolkit – Allows staff to independently construct new custom reports on demand without relying on the vendor.
  • Visual Rules Engine Workflow Manager – Automates the execution of systematic actions based on bureau and consumer provided data enabling non-technical finance and IT staff to manage business rules and data values.
  • Configuration Manager – Allows non-technical and IT staff to tailor code their own windows, workflows, reports, dashboards and values, as well as data lookup tables such as accounts, consumers, procurements, events, tasks, calendars and data grids in a simple user-friendly and dynamic environment.

HD™ 2.0 | Fusion® Support

Our customer service team has extensive experience in integration technology, business analysis, project management, user training, and software development. They understand the entire process, key issues and challenges, and can help save you time and reduce risk with support at implementation and beyond.

Dedicated project manager

As a HD™ 2.0 | Fusion® customer, you’ll have a CSS consultant as your single point of contact – committed to helping your organization get the most out of your platform.

Automatic system upgrades and maintenance

Our engineers and analysts continually build and improve on an already superior product – with upgrades and maintenance automatically applied for hassle-free operation.

Experienced, knowledgeable support staff

Our experienced customer support team understands the complexities of portfolio management and all the related tasks, so they make sure everything – from implementation to training – goes smoothly with minimal disruption.

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A Tool for Unification

Benefits of a Modern Integration Offering

Seamlessly unify your entire business. Significantly reduce IT infrastructure costs. Minimize manual efforts while increasing productivity and output.

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What is a Financial Ecosystem?

Billions of dollars are lost annually due to the inadequate adoption of fintech technology for financial transactions management whereby mismanaged, aging receivables quickly turn revenues into bad debt and ultimately into losses. The primary reason for this outcome is the lack of a single enterprise solution that can manage every aspect of the revenue management life cycle process across all business units in unison.

Traditional platforms are stand-alone, independent systems that don't share common technology & can’t communicate dynamically with one another, leaving business units separated. This leaves entities with old, stale financial data, making it impossible to both manage aging receivables & avoid uncollectable debt. A Financial Ecosystem resolves this problem. A Financial Ecosystem is a battery of highly sophisticated proprietary fintech systems & solutions that consolidate into one single Financial Platform across your enterprise. HD™ 2.0 | Enterprise Financial Ecosystem® is that end-to-end financial platform that manages your revenues and receivables, while safeguarding bad debt exposure.

Parts of a Financial Ecosystem


HD™ 2.0 | LMS® Loan Management System (LMS) enables credit grantors & servicers to create business rules for underwriting decisioning workflows simply & visually without the need of complicated coding. LMS can systematically control financial screen navigation, input/output, verbose messaging and database interactions from any internal or external system or framework.

Now, when new applications for underwriting are introduced, they are first “interrogated” by the LMS business rules engine, which then gives a “thumbs up, thumbs down” decision.

This approach enables organizations to evaluate the application against multiple internal or external data sources and predict which applications should be manually reviewed, versus those that are most expected to contain appropriate information for automatic underwriting.

HD™ 2.0 | LMS® offers:

  • Automation of manual procedures and calculations: By utilizing an automated analytic-based underwriting system, the consistency, quality and capacity of underwriting could be dramatically improved, allowing underwriters to focus on the exceptions.
  • Control by business users: Rules are designed in an easy-to-understand visual Visio-like workflow designer, enabling the business experts— rather than technical staff—to control and automate procedures and policies.
  • Faster response to change: Time-to-market for business logic changes are reduced from weeks and months to days or hours. Systems can be updated while in production with no down time and no need for IT resources.
  • Increased reliability and auditability: A centralized workflow decisioning rules repository provides consistent execution of business policies that are easy to manage and visually easy to audit.

HD™ 2.0 | LMS® business rules engine allows for the development and rapid deployment of complex credit granting business rules, so your organization can make better decisions across the Revenue Life Cycle. Automate and optimize numerous types of business decisions, including credit approve/decline, instant prescreen offers, and collection decisions.

With HD™ 2.0 | LMS® you can also systematically analyze scoring, business rules and decision strategies from external data systems. This enables continuous testing and fine tuning of your business rules, so you can optimize decision strategies to drive higher profits.

  • Pull data from multiple sources — both internal and external — into your decisioning engine dynamically.
  • Process a high volume of transactions, with support and availability 24 hours a day
  • Gain the ability to calculate numerous predictive attributes with self-designed scoring models
  • Test new strategies against your current decision models and perform what-if simulations on historical data
  • Improve business process efficiencies with continuous-loop deployment of enhanced and optimized decision strategies
  • Deploy new decisioning strategies dynamically, to respond to market changes rapidly
  • Deliver dynamic real-time, instant decisions while customers are at the point of sale
  • Seamlessly integrate LMS's workflow decisioning engine into your existing systems with minimal IT costs

HD™ 2.0 | LMS® is specially designed to simplify and automate all loan processes from start to finish. This intelligent solution shepherds the user through each phase of the loan servicing process, presents the freshest data in real-time, and intuitively computes all calculations providing the easiest user-experience available anywhere.


HD™ 2.0 | RMS® Receivables Management System (RMS) enables first and third-party administrators to deliver a salient automated enterprise invoicing solution. Generate business rules-driven invoicing with a built-in document management system. Offer online access for consumers and third-party administrators to reduce dependence on in-house customer service personnel while improving customer satisfaction.

Give your customers what they want with customer-centric invoicing and payment options. Shorten your revenue cycle with a multitude of automated payment and invoicing technology solutions and easily track partial payments and past due invoices.


HD™ 2.0 | RMS® Receivables Management System (RMS) enables first and third-party administrators to deliver an automated rules-driven billing solution across the enterprise. Seamlessly retrieve documents, contracts, and offer online access for consumers and third-party administrators to reduce dependence on in-house customer service personnel while improving customer satisfaction.

With over 300+ modules dedicated to billing in real-time, HD™ 2.0 | RMS® provides the most comprehensive, state of the art tools to meet all your billing needs. With unparalleled automation, RMS minimizes training while maximizing production.


HD™ 2.0 | RMS® Receivables Management System (RMS) presents the most sophisticated tool set available for account receivables management, adaptable for any business or organization type. With capabilities to tie into the HD™ 2.0 Enterprise Financial Ecosystem, you can confidently expand your offerings across multiple industries and verticals for geometric growth.


HD™ 2.0 | RCM® is a healthcare Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) system designed to manage claim submissions, self-pay & insurer billing & recoveries.


HD™ 2.0 | TAX® is a tax billing, collections and legal case management system designed to generate & process tax bills, track collections, bankruptcies, skips, and legal cases on taxpayer liabilities of all debt types.


HD™ 2.0 | Collections® combines an easy-to-use collector interface with sophisticated management tools and blends them into a seamless environment. With the flexibility to manage billions of debtor accounts, handle thousands of users, and process accounts faster than any other platform available, it’s easy to see why HD™ 2.0 | Collections® is the most sought after collections system on the market.


HD™ 2.0 | Legal® delivers a complete legal case management & collections solution, which tracks legal cases, case parties, bankruptcies, linked cases, services, events, compliance & consent of judgment financial buckets. HD™ 2.0 | Legal® is the most powerful and widely used system for legal case management.


Growing portfolio size is what HD™ 2.0 | PM® (Portfolio Manager) was designed for. With unlimited scalability, PM consolidates your entire portfolio into a simple, easy to manage, user-friendly platform providing your organization with unified servicing practices, transparency, and increased borrower satisfaction.


HD™ 2.0 | CMS® consumer financial "Compliance Management System" (CMS) is designed to mirror CFPB, FDCPA & TCPA guidelines for state & federal compliance regulations.

Dialer & IVR
HD™ 2.0 | Contacts® Contact management system is designed to automate the customer engagement follow-up process via phone, dialer, text, IVR & online with built-in compliance, seamless branding, unified servicing practices, and transparency for increased customer service satisfaction.

Data Warehousing

HD™ 2.0 | CUBE® generates business rules sourced data sets for analytical reporting & business rules workflow processing.

Data Integration

HD™ 2.0 | Fusion® is a data interface communications bridge platform designed to link systems into the CSS IMPACT HD™ 2.0 ecosystem for dynamic access to external data. These external data sets are then exposed to HD™ 2.0's business rules workflow engine, data warehouse (CUBE) , & Ad hoc Report writer for data processing consumption.

Management Portal

HD™ 2.0 | Data Annex® is an online account annex portal designed for inter-departmental staff, field agents, or clients to manage and review accounts. HD™ 2.0 | Data Annex® is fully customizable to your organization's online branding presence.

Payment Portal

HD™ 2.0 | Payment Portal® is an online consumer portal designed for self-serve account management, payments, negotiations & arrangements. HD™ 2.0 | Payment Portal® is fully customizable to your organization's online branding presence.

Fintech Consulting

CSS's fintech consulting services cater to all financial technologies & solutions for every industry and vertical.

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