Acryness utilizes engagement strategies that are impactful and meet the needs of today’s consumers.  Through the use of printed documents, email notifications, text notifications and integrated voice response (IVR) communications, Acryness is able to deliver solutions that meet the consumer’s delivery preference while prompting them to pay in full or set up a payment plan.  Acryness is the single-source solution to manage your engagement and payment processes from the first communication all the way through settlement of the funds into your bank account.  Our strength is our ability to drive self-service payment activity through our PCI-Compliant payment portal using Quick Pay, our text-to-pay single click payment process and our easy to use IVR.  Contact Acryness at to learn more about our services.

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Behavioral Signals

Behavioral Signals develops technology to analyze human behavior from recorded speech. Using the analytics suite, our flagship product, enterprises can track emotions and behaviors in calls or live interactions and get a complete view of related key performance indicators. Our award-winning emotion recognition and behavioral analytics technology utilizes cognitive modeling and advanced machine learning algorithms. We understand not only what is being said but how it is being said, the emotions, intentions, state-of-mind and behaviors of each person. We leverage huge amounts of data and using statistical models we can provide valuable data-informed business insights to our customers. For more information, please visit our website

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Technology is embedded in everyday life. It’s how people explore, communicate, make payments and manage their finances. It’s how you operate your business. Which is why BillingTree™ is a tech-focused company committed to offering innovative card-not-present solutions to make processing payments easier for your company. A leading payment technology provider, our client-first approach, commitment to compliance and seamless integration ensures balance between protection and profitability. Growing payments with technology means our work is never done.  Choose from our continually optimized suite of products for the solution that fits your company's needs. Manage daily activity through our intuitive payment portal. Get the job done efficiently — and get paid quickly — with products and services that work.  Visit or call 877.4.BILLTREE for payment technology that works.

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Collective Solution International (CSI)

Collective Solution International (CSI), formerly known as CA Telemarketing Inc. or CTI, is a business process outsourcing (BPO) company that focuses on effective collection and customer relations management backed up by modern and state-of-the-art technology. Together, CSI Centers employ more than 2,000 people and counting. The technical partners of CTI includes PLDTUS, Plantronics, Dell, HP, Avaya, MWTM, Lacie, Grandstream, Trixbox, US Colo, Juniper Network and Digitel. CSI is committed not only to support its clients but to virtually operate and act as a “co­-manager” of their businesses toward the realization of their short term and long term business goals, by establishing and consistently implementing Key Performance Indicators of global standards, internally and externally. .

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Think all print and mail vendors are the same?  At CompuMail, we don't just mail letters.  We cultivate lasting partnerships with our clients to ensure that they see the best possible results, under the highest level of data security, at the most competitive price.  We've grown significantly over the years and now provide innovative online payment and letter archiving portals, email delivery, and other "new media" services for any industry requiring the best and most engaging communications solutions.  Stop by our booth today and find out why we’ll never stop exploring ways to improve our service and solution offerings for you.

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Digital Matrix Systems

Founded in 1982, DMS is an international risk management solution provider that helps clients leverage the power of data to make better-informed business decisions. Through an integrated product suite, DMS delivers secure access to consumer and commercial credit bureaus, as well as specialty data providers. As a reliable partner, DMS helps leading companies predict and manage risk in a variety of industries, including financial services, insurance, and brokerage services. The company provides data warehousing, advanced analytics, scoring models, and comprehensive consulting services, delivering strategic solutions tailored to each client’s business goals. For more information, visit

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