City of Pittsburgh Selects CSS IMPACT Financial Cloud as its Tax Information Platform

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February 4, 2020
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City of Pittsburgh Selects CSS IMPACT Financial Cloud as its Tax Information Platform

February 17, 2020, PITTSBURGH, PA – The City of Pittsburgh selects CSS IMPACT Financial Cloud Ecosystem, “HD 2.0 | TAX”, as their “NextGen” Tax Information Platform. CSS, Inc., the developers of “IMPACT | HD 2.0”, is the leading provider of NextGen Cloud Financial Ecosystems & Tax Information Platforms with a focus on “Ai” (Artificial Intelligence) machine learning Digital Consumer Engagement solutions for enterprises & government.

CSS’s Tax Information Financial Cloud Ecosystem removes prohibitive costs in acquiring NextGen Tax & Revenue management technology, enabling City workforces to overcome critical day-to-day process challenges. Metropolitan Municipalities, such as the cities of San Francisco & Los Angeles – and now the City of Pittsburgh – are leveraging CSS’s Financial Cloud technology to deliver a centralized enterprise platform with built-in business-ready automation along with “Digital First” customer engagement processes, while efficiently streamlining the City’s workforce resources, enabling them to focus on revenue management strategies & customer care.

Pittsburgh is undergoing a dramatic technological makeover growing into a premier technology hub. Once a center for the production of steel, iron, and glass, Pittsburgh is now an advancing leader in medicine, education, healthcare, robotics, software engineering and high-tech industries naming them a top “NextTech” city.

Home of Carnegie Mellon University, recognized as one of the first computer science programs in the world, CMU continues to rank as one of the top technology colleges in the country. The university is known to collaborate with companies such as Apple, Intel, Caterpillar and Disney, helping to expand technology ties in Pittsburgh.

The City’s selection of CSS’s cloud-based Tax Information Financial Ecosystem platform aligns with its commitment to modernize its technologies and processes to better serve taxpayers. Furthermore, it reaffirms an uncompromising commitment to continued growth based on this technological foundation with the ultimate objective of improving the level of service to its citizens by providing them with a new digital experience, while improving efficiency and transparency for its employees.

“We are truly honored and humbled to have been selected by the City of Pittsburgh for this implementation. Our NextGen Financial Ecosystem will allow the City to leverage our cloud automation toolset to deploy streamlined processes and make services much more efficient, effective and transparent, while providing a rich digital customer service experience to better serve its citizens. We are very excited for this partnership and look forward to a long-term relationship with the City of Pittsburgh,” said Carl A. Briganti, President of CSS, Inc.

To learn more about how municipalities are leveraging CSS’s Cloud Financial Ecosystem, please download our brochure at or visit us or call 877.277.4621.

About the City of Pittsburgh, PA – Department of Revenue

Pittsburgh is the second largest city in Pennsylvania with an estimated population of 310,000 people and serves as the County Seat of Allegheny County, with over 1.2 million residents. Pittsburgh serves as the principal city of the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area where more than 2.6 million people reside.

The city has moved from the steel industry to become a leader in healthcare, education, technology, and financial services. What were once heavily polluted streets and riverfronts, have been transformed to create the modern vibrant Pittsburgh one sees today.

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About CSS, Inc.

CSS is a leading provider of end-to-end cloud Financial Ecosystem platforms & Contact Center solutions with a focus on “Ai” (Artificial Intelligence) machine learning Digital Consumer Engagement for enterprises that generate & manage mass receivables, payments, recoveries & revenues. By delivering cognitive cloud Financial Ecosystems technology, CSS helps municipalities and enterprises improve and automate all their daily financial processes, consumer engagement & business process. For more information, download our brochure at or visit us or call 877.277.4621.

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