These Three New Innovations Could Make Banking More Secure

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February 13, 2018
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These Three New Innovations Could Make Banking More Secure

banking security innovations

In an increasingly globalized world, banking has never been more valuable. But at the same time, as the threats of hacking and cyber-fraud grow, ensuring that those transactions are secure has never been more important.

At CSS, we offer the latest in high-quality fintech solutions, but understand that our technologies are rendered useless without incumbent protection. That’s why we’re always looking out for leading-edge innovations in banking security that will make your business processes robust, safe, secure, transparent, and adoptable.

Here’s what’s on our radar:

Fingerprint and Facial Verification

The introduction of fingerprint recognition took off with smartphones and we can expect it to expand even further into other banking transactions.

By tying one’s fingerprint to a bank account, this could significantly limit the possibility of one of banking’s worst threats: identity fraud.

The iPhone X’s most notable feature was the inclusion of camera software that uses your facial features to unlock it. At CSS, we believe that facial recognition for bank accounts will be the norm in a few years, ultimately reducing the chance of someone hacking into your business.

Bye Bye Credit Card

With software like Apple Pay and Square, ‘digital wallets’ and contactless payment systems have exploded in recent years, as more and more consumers ditch physical debit and credit cards for their phones.

In addition, cards like the Da Vinci Choice from Mastercard allows you to connect a number of cards to a single one, thereby decreasing the chances of losing your card.

In terms of credit card security, one of the easiest ways for hackers to steal your information is to simply get their hands on one. No card, no problem.

Payee Protection

Gone are the days of not knowing who’s on the other side of online transactions.

With the latest payee technology arriving on the market, bank accounts on both sides of a transaction will be verified, offering the parties involved security, and, more importantly, peace of mind.

At CSS, we believe that B2B and Consumer facing fintech solutions should be simple, smart and secure.

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