Three Must-Have Features In A Legal Case Tracking System

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Three Must-Have Features In A Legal Case Tracking System

legal case tracking system

The global enterprise software market is positioned to exceed $500 billion by 2022, which means there is a growing number of options for legal case tracking systems out on the market to choose from. Finding a comprehensive platform that supports legal actions in conjunction with financials is essential for efficiency, organization, and success.


Here a few key elements to look for in a next-gen legal case management system:


  • Collection Solutions: A modern legal case management system should contain an integrated financial module to monitor incoming and outgoing funds at a minimum. For optimal efficiency, ensure the platform is equipped with features for litigation costs and expenses, judgement interest tracking, client legal advance costs tracking, client advance suit fees tracking, forward legal advance costs tracking, forward advance suit fees tracking, and delinquent account tracking and recovery.   


  • Document Organization: A comprehensive legal case management system should include a document management module. This module should store, track and archive legal documents in a secure and organized manner so they can easily be viewed, retrieved and/or attached to relevant cases within the legal case management system on-demand instantly.


  • System Security: It is important for legal case tracking systems to have compliance security measures in place to safeguard users from accessing sensitive information located within the system. These compliance barriers should successfully prevent those without the required security access role from accessing case files containing privileged information. By programmatically setting barriers, the firm is safeguarded from accidental lapse in compliance due to human error.


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